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A community association operates as a government, a community, and a business, making it a truly specialized organization. America's 231,000 community associations are led by more than a million volunteers – homeowners who dedicate their free time and expertise to serving on boards and committees to ensure that all residents can enjoy the benefits of their community. It is an important job with a great deal of responsibility. Selecting the right management company can make the job much easier.

The qualifications of the employees of JDM are extensive and highly rated in the Association management industry in Florida. With a Developer, Designer, Concierge, Maintenance Division, Pool Division, Lawn Division, Audio/Video-IT Division and LCAM's all part of our company, we are able to bring a level of expertise that are not provided by the personnel of other management companies. We also have managers who are certified and licensed to operate commercial swimming pools and landscape companies. These credentials provide a higher level of management expertise to benefit the Board of Directors.

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